Is Vodafone's New $30 Prepaid Cap Worth It?

Vodafone's newly-announced $30 Cap has potential appeal if you're a heavy text user, since it offers unlimited texting to Australian numbers even if your credit runs out. However, it doesn't do so well on the data front.

The $30 recharge gets you infinite text to Australian numbers, and Vodafone's announcements makes a point of highlighting that it works even if you haven't topped up your credit. You also get $450 in credit for use on other services, though for use at Vodafone's higher call rates (90 cents per minute plus a 40 cent connection fee). Using the soon-to-be-compulsory measure of how many two-minute calls you can make, that works out at 250, or eight or so a day.

What's less appealing about this plan is the relatively skimpy 200MB data inclusion, especially as excess data is charged at $2 per megabyte. With that pricing, rivals such as Amaysim or Red Bull look like better value; our Planhacker guide to unlimited prepaid has other alternatives.



    500MB not 200MB...

    Additional data is $0.50/MB. Please get your facts straight! :--]

    I reckon it sounds like a decent deal. I use SMS about 10 times as much as I call; 500MB is more than most people use in a month on their phones. Also don't forget unlimited access to mobile versions of all the major social networking sites. It's something I'd recommend for a new smartphone user who is unsure about their data needs.

      No it's $2 per MB as per the Vodafone website, how did you get 50 cents?

        50 cents is the post-paid rate, which is also charged per 12KB rather than per 25KB that this offer is.

        It is indeed 500MB not 200MB though.

        (happy Live Connected customer here)

        From the Terms and Conditions found in the link:

        "3For use in Australia only. Minimum session 25KB. Additional data usage rate is $0.50/MB. Services subject to device capabilities, network limitations & customer location."

        I suspect that the "$2/MB casual rate" found in the Details section is part of the $450 inclusion, as that section pops up when you click "View Inclusions" ...

    Is Vodafone worth it ?

    the comments above show once again how difficult it is to discern exactly what are the details of a mobile phone deal.

      No they don't... It is easy enough to figure it out as it is

    No, regardless of the value that you're getting out of it, it's Vodafone, and until they make noticeable changes to their network (for the better,) I'm staying well away from them.

    Glad to see the 2 minute call measure coming in. I have been using that guide for over 12 months. Yes it is 500MB and unlimited Facebook/twitter

    A bit off topic but an illustration nonetheless of Voda's inconsistency in fine print vs marketing materials.

    I'm starting to think VODAFONE IS NOT WORTH THE EFFORT. I'm currently in a battle to be get reimbursed for 13 - number charges CHARGED TO ME WHEN CALLING THEIR 13 - NUMBER.
    When signing up 13-nombers were stated to be included but now they claim they are not. To reneg on their own contractual details is one thing, but charging you when calling the service provider is ridiculous. DON'T TRUST INFO PROVIDED TO YOU FROM VODAFONE.

      Thats nice mate, off to for You

        Yep Vodafone is a ripoff

    yes vodafones reception can be a bit sh**house, but i do think its a good deal compared with the $29 cap i am currently on which only gives me $150 credit and has a call rate of around 90 cents a minute aswell.

    When do you play the $30? Is it monthly, or when you run out of credit?

    DONT GO WITH VODA FONE! After having no reception for about 2 weeks on and off..i decided to not buy credit for a few months... Bought credit today and found out it's not even on the plan i asked for...spent 30mins trying to get in contact with them..finally get in contact and they tell me to call back in a day or 2 as their servers are down...So i asked if that meant i would be refunded for the 2 days i will not have credit.. they say no.. SO i try to find a complaint service...and the site leads you around in circles. Vodafone is far more expensive then telsta or virgin....Fuck them... The moment i get my money back i'm swapping.

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