Vodafone Simplify Offers Flat-Rate Prepaid Calling

Vodafone's prepaid offerings have focused on cap-based calling. Its new Simplify plans reverse that trend, with basic flat-rate charges for calling.

Simplify, which goes on sale from today, charges 15 cents a minute plus a 15 cent flagfall for national calls, which is considerably cheaper than its prepaid cap rates. Charging is in 60 second chunks, so even a brief call will cost you 30 cents. The plan accepts $30 and $50 top-ups. Texts cost 15 cents each (including international texts), and there's a 30 cents per minute international rate to a list of 20 countries.

Fancy the sound of that deal, or prefer to stick with a prepaid cap? Tell us in the comments.



    Sounds very much like CJ's flatchat. Its a bit of a trend started by woolies, followed by justmobile. Need both offers.

    i think they should improve there coverage before they improve their deals

    Couldn't find anything on their site about it. Got a better link?

    What is it, $30 a month? If it is, 15c texts is tempting but I wouldn't use that many in a month, so I'd still be paying more.

      Release says only works with $30 and $50 top-ups.

    Walked into a store and was advised that they are going live with it tomorrow.

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