Amaysim Unlimited Plan Offers National Calls, 4GB Data For $39.90

Amaysim had added a cap plan to its existing pay-as-you-go option, and it's a pretty good deal: $39.90 for 30 days of unlimited Australian calls, texts and MMS, plus 4GB of data.

That price point puts it well below most other "unlimited" cap plans, while it offers a higher data allowance than most of them. Unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, eBay and MySpace is also included, and there's no separate voicemail charges either. If you exceed the data allowance, extra usage is charged at 5 cents per megabyte (or you can purchase a separate 1GB data block for $9.90).

What you don't get is any credit for international calls or texts, or the ability to call 1300 or 1800 numbers or make video calls. Customers who sign up for a postpaid plan can make those calls but they're charged separately as an extra item.

There's no contract requirement, though (unsurprisingly) there is a fair use clause that excludes business or excessive usage. The data can be used for tethering (a current technical issue means that the personal hotspot option on iPhones doesn't work, but Amaysim says that will be fixed in the future).

The service utilises the Optus network, and you'll need to pay $2 for a starter SIM in a retail store (or $5 online, though that includes pay-as-you-go call credit). At Amaysim's existing rates, the unlimited plan would be better value than pay-as-you-go if you make more than 10 minutes worth of calls a day (and that's without factoring in the data inclusions or text messaging).



    The ability to call 1300 or 1800 - BS! Why exclude these numbers? Generally the companies that use these number do so for a reason, very rarely do you see them offering normal landline or mobile numbers beside them.

      I'd like to know if there's an Aussie version of the great UK site That was a site I used back in the UK that gave you the 'real' geographical number that a free-phone or premium customer service number got routed to. Very useful site as most phone contracts in the UK excluded their version of 1300 numbers.

      Any ideas anyone?

          Not sure if that's working..... Just tried a few numbers and no results came back.

    There is:-

    Just use Boost. For $40 you get the same except 3Gb of data, but honestly who actually uses that much mobile data anyway? Plus Boost is on Optus so you're getting a proper network at least. As far as I'm aware, amaysim is all VOIP-driven.

      Incorrect - Amaysim uses Optus' network, as the post mentions.

        I think both Boost and Amaysim would be the same as they both a virtual provider. For better quality of service especially on the data front, you would should pay the extra $10 and go with the Optus prepaid version...however it comes with only 3 gigs.

      Currently using Amaysim and 1000% sure its on Optus, lol

        If you order online and have a promo code your first bill is cheaper plus the sum is free online when they send it out

    At $40 a month you can buy a phone from the US (just got my G2x) and come out much better after 24 months than any postpaid contract plan.

    Why do Australians still bother with postpaid plans, $XXX of 'call value' which is not true value at all and the 'bill shock' that comes with any postpaid plan? I just don't get the logic.

      Most people don't get bill shock, and besides that theres very little difference anyway really. The prepaid options are using a similar Cap model anyway for most plans with a 30 day expirary anyway. The advantage with the plan is you get a subsidised phone, something you can get on cheap plans here so for many it would in fact be cheaper to be on a plan for many. That and there isn't the upfront cost of having to buy a handset.

      The one big advantage of prepaid to me isn't anything you listed; but rather its the flexibility to move network at any point of time.

    "The service utilises the Optus network" - that's the network I want to get off :(

      Get off the optus network? Ur choices are rather limited, although personAlly I'd recommend Telstra prepaid. For a 40 recharge u can get 510 bonus credit and 800mb data which is more than enough for me. The 40 can also
      be used towards buying further credit
      or mobile data eg buy 2 20 dollar 700mb browse plus packs with the 40
      for extra data, and for now Telstra is giving bonus 1gb data with each recharge...just a suggestion. Personally
      I find the Telstra plans to be a rip off,
      just buy ur phone of choice outright
      from an online retailer for cheap and
      it automatically pays itself off over the
      24 month life of standard contract, plus u can change networks easily if ur unsatisfied

    Can you transfer your existing number to Amaysim?

      Yes -- there's a transfer process. About 40% of Amaysim customers have transferred existing numbers IIRC.

    4 gb is too much for a phone but if we could tether i would use it !!!

    Still got a couple of months to go on my Optus contract. $59 a month, a call limit, 2 GiB of data (which I seem to go over by a small amount each month, adding up to $15 to my bill). I'd rather be paying $39.90 per month to get truly unlimited calls and SMS, and 4 GiB of data that can be extended for $10 per gigabyte.

    If I can't get off my Optus contract cheaply enough I'll just pop the Amaysim card into my smartphone and use it until the contract runs out.

    Waiting impatiently for the rest of my Vodafone contract to run out (2 months to go) so I can finally be rid of their appalling service and try out Amaysim.

    I switched from 3 to Amaysim months ago as I'm waiting for the new iWhatever to come out before I sign my life away to telstra (purely for coverage reasons - I holiday regularly in remote areas).
    I'm now on the unlimited plan and am finding it brilliant.
    Whatever was holding up tethering on Amaysim seems to have been cleared up - I had mine activated today.

    the unlimited plan sounds good but would i get the same coverage as telstra and can i put the new simcard into my prepaid mobile

    hello :/

    I have recently started using amaysim in samsung galaxy S2 i9100. The data delivery is excruciatingly slow. do u have any experience of this

    I use a Samsung Wave 723 & I experience very slow internet also. If that is the case then is it fair to say that the data delivery becomes more important than the CPU of the smart phone?

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