First Look At The Commonwealth Bank’s Kaching App

The Commonwealth Bank’s new Kaching app offers NFC and peer-to-peer payments on iPhones. Despite being launched today, you won’t be able to get your hands on it for another “few months” (the official estimate of when it will be available). But you can get a feel for how it works with this quick screenshot tour.

Click on any image for the full-size version.

You can log in via either your existing NetBank password or by setting a simpler four-digit PIN.

Standard online banking functions such as checking your account balance are built in.

You can send money to people who don’t have Commonwealth Bank accounts, as well as transfer money between your own accounts.

Transfer activity is immediately confirmed.

You can make payments to anyone on your existing phone contact list.

You can enable NFC payments (via PayPass) for any card on your account.

As we mentioned in our original post, there will eventually be an Android app, but it’s likely to look quite different, since the bank wants to build it as an Android native app rather than a lazy quick port. If nothing else, that’s an improvement on when the Commonwealth Android app was essentially just a bookmark.


  • So this will allow iPhone users to pay anyone via an online lobby style payment screen e.g. you type in their email address it sends them a link .. they click on it… and say accept…boom they have their money or will soon.

    And that’s great that you can turn paypass on and off… but paypass is being abandoned everywhere in adelaide.. terminals are either hidden away from consumers sight or have been disconnected indefinitely.. the only place I could find useful for paypass it public transport, petrol, vending machines and movie ticket sales… I’m yet to see this technology really come to fruition… it’s been out for over 5 years now… and the only good place to use it in is Mcdonalds, Hungry Jacks and Burget King. Still can’t use it everywhere to buy petrol at the pump… e-pump doesn’t count because it locks out non Woolworth’s cardholders.

    It would be great if the app could transmit a paypass frequency via your iPhone.. I doubt it though… I don’t think you can turn WiFi into RFID signals… dunno.

    I am still not happy with the speed of the commbank servers… the iPhone app is still very slow to connect even on WiFi and 3G… most of the time it’s down or functions aren’t available… it needs to be updated for the iPhone 4 and 4s.. it’s very pixelated on my 4s and does not look very good

    • There are NFC cases you can get for the iPhone. Supposedly they will have them available at branches. There is no word on what they will cost, but you can look them up. icarte is the name.

  • Sam and dzx, thanks for the info. Can’t see snap on cases being a big hit at first, but I guess we’ll see? Benefit doesn’t really outweigh the limitation of having to use a CommBank designated/designed/chosen case. It’s much like those charging pads available.

    I do love NFC and pay wave and think it will be great in the long run, but it’s a shame the execution of it is awful at the moment (and I feel like it needs to have online receipts emailed to you or better integrated with statements if it’s to be a success for businesses).

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