Kaching Now Works On Jelly Bean, Facebook Payments Are Less Hassle

iOS/Android: The Commonwealth Bank's Kaching app came out for Android in July. Android users running Jelly Bean got a nasty shock when they updated their devices (or bought a Nexus 7), with the app not working on devices using the newest Android version. According to the bank, that problem has now been fixed as part of an update that also makes it easier to share payments with other Facebook users.

That update means that rather than having to manually collect payments if they're sent to you from another Facebook user, the money is sent directly to your default bank account. This eliminates the fiddly process where you would be told on Facebook that you had a payment, but then had to authorise receiving it separately. This is already live for Android, and will be added to iOS "in the next week or two". The bank is continuing to work on a Facebook-only version of Kaching, which I continue to think is a bad move given Facebook's patchy security record.

Kaching changes for the better [Blog.CommBank]


    "Fred has been paid"
    " Broke cousin liked Fred being paid"
    "Fred purchased embarrassing item at pharmacy"
    "Fred got mugged and is now broke"
    I think we have to much Facebook in our lives.

    It still says not compatible on my Nexus 7

    Yeap still Incompatable with a one xl

    Still doesn't work properly. Unable to recognise correct Netbank details. Needs a lot more work.

    Now works on my rooted One X :)

    Still hopeful for NFC, maybe 2013?

    This still doesnt work on my stock S2 4G Gingerbread. Hello?

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