Commonwealth Bank Kaching App Now Available

We got told about it back in October, but the Commonwealth Bank's Kaching app, offering NFC functionality and the ability to send payments to others, is now officially available.

To use the NFC functionality and pay at PayPass terminals, you'll need an iCarte case from the bank (costing $49.95 plus $5 postage) and an iPhone 4 or 4S. However, everything else will work on any model of iPhone.

The bank has said an Android version is coming, but hasn't set a release date. For a fuller overview of what it offers, check out our Kaching first look.

Kaching [iTunes App Store]


    I sure it's good and all but i can't help thinking the initial comments on the app store are from comm bank employees

    Looks really nice!

    Very nice interface for quick transfers between your accounts.

    It'll be a cold day in hell before i put a stupid NFC case on my iPhone 4s though.

    Meh. What about Android? My Nexus S needs some Kaching lovin

    Need more Android love :) Want to use this on my Galaxy Nexus.

      yep same here, why don't they get onto releasing it for a platform that actually supports NFC

    Can't be used on a jailbroken device, what a load of cod.

    I try to transfer 1 bux to my firend who with ANZ, however looks like the unCommonwealth collect is still been developed, I tried whole afternoon, just not working.

    Need this to work on Galaxy Nexus!

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