Cucumber Shot Glasses

Instructables user Imnopeas shares a handy way to make shot glasses out of a cucumber using common kitchen knives and an apple corer. Simply cut your cucumbers into 5cm sections and use the apple corer to create a cup. Make sure you leave at least 1.2cm of solid cucumber at the bottom to avoid leaks.

These seem like a great addition for outdoor parties; if drama ensues and your shot glasses are lost or thrown you only have a piece of cucumber in your yard instead of broken glass.

Organic Shot Glasses [Instructables]


    1.2cm? That 2mm will make that much of a difference?

      I read that and thought "that's oddly specific" then realised (after a quick google 1.2 cm to in) that 1.2 cm is almost half an inch.

      Ah. So this was 'translated' across from USA lifehacker.

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