Apply Masking Tape To Prevent Paint Can Lids From Sticking

If you find your paint cans are always a mess after you're done painting and hard to open again the next time you need to use them, try this preventative trick for your next painting job: apply masking tape first.

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After opening a can of paint, apply the tape (you could use transparent or painter's tape too) around the entire rim, and then pour it into the tray or use your brushes as usual. When you're done painting, remove the tape and the rim should be clean.

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    A good tip! Another useful tip is to punch holes with a nail in the groove around the rim where the lid locks into. This allows accumulated paint to drip back into the can and allows the lid to force the remaining residue of paint back into the can as it is sealed, when finished.

    Good idea - glad wrap would probably work just as well.

    I use the drips down the side to tell what colour the paint is. With the "mix on demand" paints you get these days it's a simple and quick method. That said, I'm a relatively neat pourer and don't drip too much.

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