Angled Measuring Cups, So You Don't Have To Stop And Measure

Half the time I'm filling up a measuring cup, I'm doing so at an angle, which means I need to stop and straighten it out in order to see exactly which line the contents go up to. Angled measuring cups mean I don't have to.

Amazon has a set of three, from OXO, for $US20, but if you shop around you might be able to get them cheaper, or one at a time. These may only save you a few seconds each measure, but what if you were measuring a lot of things all day? What if you were Walter White? What then? Exactly.

Amazon [via Cool Tools]


    You'd have to be careful when using these for baking if you're following an Australian recipe - cup sizes are different to the standardised Australian metric cups and tbs/tsp

    Those valuable seconds saved!

    Had one for years! In metric sizes too. still need to straighten these to see what the level is - the angled measurement just allows you to look from above, rather than having to look from the side when checking the volume...


      Exactly - and if you could measure while holding it on an angle, what angle would that be? 36.24 degrees? Which is exactly where I pour all my poury things.

    $20.00! Here's a hint place the bloody thing on the bench and then pour, save $20.00

    ...Umm, you can buy the EXACT same design of measuring cup in Woolworths for less than $5. I've got one in the laundry for my laundry powder.

    Another pointless American story repost.

    Another pointless American story, full stop.

      Hey guys that's not nice! Jason's gotta write about something when there's no stolen prototype iPhones to be buying.

    Had one years ago but the handle broke off.

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