Stop Using Round Measuring Spoons

Stop Using Round Measuring Spoons

I don’t tend to make product recommendation or write reviews. With the exception of wildly popular appliances like the air fryer and Instant Pot, I try to ensure my recipes don’t hinge on any one piece of equipment, and my own kitchen is stocked with things I inherited, or purchased at Goodwill or the restaurant supply store, usually without doing any research into the thing I was purchasing.

For some reason, I love to deny myself things that would make my life easier — especially if I already have a shittier version of that thing. I hate my measuring spoons, which I have had for many decades, yet until just now, I had’t replaced them with spoons I knew would bring me joy, and make cooking more enjoyable.

But no more.

You see, all of the measuring spoons currently in my cutlery drawer are wide and round. That’s fine, until I need to measure out a spice or other seasoning that comes in a tiny jar and those wide, round spoons don’t fit into it. To solve for this, I have to get another, tinier spoon involved, which often leads to spilling spices onto the countertop. It’s infuriating! Well, relatively infuriating. But infuriating nonetheless.

As of this writing, however, I have ordered a set of slim, oblong measuring spoons. They should be here by the time this blog goes “live,” or shortly thereafter. I’m excited for my future self, and slightly jealous of her shiny new spoons — which will fit into all of her spice jars, whatever their size — though I will be her soon enough.

If you live in a round measuring spoon household, I highly recommend supplementing or replacing your round spoons with a set of oblongs. They are not hard to find. Amazon sells a bunch of them, as do Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams-Sonoma, and King Arthur Baking (including the ones pictured above). These spoons can be purchased for around $10–$20, a small price to pay for easy access to precisely-measured spices.


  • Don’t get caught out buying US/UK measuring spoons in Australia. Our standard Tablespoon measurement here is 20ml but overseas they often use 15ml. I haven’t seen any rectangular measuring spoons in Australian weights!

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