Win A Hamper Full Of ALDI Stuff

ALDI is fairly popular amongst Lifehacker readers, both for its regular discount groceries and its one-off tech specials. What's better than cheap groceries and tech? Free groceries and tech, which is what you'll get if you win this hamper.

As part of its ALDI Making It Possible competition, the supermarket chain has thrown us a hamper full of random items of tech and assorted groceries to give away to one lucky Lifehacker reader. Specifically, the hamper contains:

  • 1 MEDION Full HD 1080p HDMI Network Media Player (Life E85015)
  • 1 Fission Stereo Headset with Detachable Microphone
  • 1 Amicroe Bugs Portable Speakers
  • 1 Medion Optical Bluetooth Mouse
  • 1 Traveler 4GB USB with MicroSD cardreader
  • 1 Visage Mens Hair Clippers
  • 2 Ultracell Rechargeable AA 4pk
  • 2 Ultracell Max AA 4pk
  • 2 Ultracell Max AAA 4pk
  • 1 Oceans 11 Blu-ray DVD
  • 1 Oceans 12 Blu-ray DVD
  • 1 Gran Turino DVD
  • Assorted ALDI groceries

For your chance to win this prize, just tell us in the comments:

What's your best tactic for saving money when you're doing your weekly shop?

We'll pick the best suggestion after the contest closes on September 8. Full terms and conditions are here. Get hinting! And thanks to ALDI for the prize.


    Definitely by sticking to a list and using technology (iPhone App) to manage the list along with showing what price we paid for that item last time we shopped.

    Don't shop hungry.

    When I'm doing my shopping, I always have a supplementary list of items that have a long shelf life that I am running low on. These are like canned fruit or spaghetti and I only buy them when they are on special and buy it in bulk.

    go after you've had a big meal!!! I always find an inordinate amount of chocolate or peanuts in my trolley otherwise.

    Sticking to a plan, seeing what specials are available and sometimes spending a little more on quality

    Seriously, all I do to save is shop at Aldi, I'm lucky enough to have one near my work and two close to home - I always have so much in my trolly and it cost probably half what it would at Coles or Wollies, and it's almost all made in Australia.

    Keeping away from the dangerous middle row that carries everything listed in that hamper.

    We browse the catalogues each week and work out what we need that's on special. It might sound like sucking up but we have found a lot of things from Aldi's that are cheaper and better that the big supermarkets.

    Leave the wife at home.

    If the wife's already at home, take as much cash as you're planning on spending; no more. No spare $$ at the checkout = no temptation to overspend :)

    Don't be locked into a certain brand, try some of the Aldi products, you probably haven't heard of the names but once you've tried them you won't go back to the items you "usually buy".

    Don't look at the stuff at the beginnings and ends of the rows - go straight to the middle. In my experience they tend to put the flashier items there and the basics in the middle (ie weet-bix will always be halfway down the aisle, but chocolate biscuits or Coc Pops will always be at the front).

    Also, don't drive. If you have to carry it home you won't want to buy too much.

    Simple.. Going to ALDI ;)

    Definitely the bulk buy, and sticking to a staple shopping list and only grabbing extras during specials

    I shop late thursday or friday evening, when supermarkets typically mark down the prices of their meat. Then I plan most of my meals around these purchases.

    One word: Planning.

    I basically make sure i always have a list while shopping, never shop when hungry, buy non perishable items in bulk and look out for specials.

    Also i try to avoid shopping with my kids if possible.

    I always plan my meals out for a week and write a list beforehand. That way I only buy what I need.

    No list. I forget half the stuff I need and am forced to eat rice or wheat bix (cheap dinner) by the end of the fortnight.

    The best way to save is only shop at coles/woolies/aldi for key items (such as toilet paper and deodorant). The rest of the groceries are bought at weekend farmers markets. Amazingly cheap and the freshest produce.

    I always break things down to unit pricing to figure out which brand is the cheapest or best value for money.

    So for example, if its toilet paper, there will be a price per roll, or if its laundry powder there will be a price per kilogram.

    At the start of the week you need to plan 8 meals and write them out on a list, not just shop from a list. Then shop at ALDI!

    I take my Mum with me. nothing says put that packet of chips down like the cold stare of death reaching into my very soul. heck even talking about it it feels like the temperature has dropped 10 degrees, i swear she knows when I am talking about the you don't need that stare, we call it the Shining.

    Other than that Meat wholesalers if you stick to whats on special you can save heaps too.

    Live on Stagg Chilli, sometimes on sale at Coles - 2 for $5, feeds two ppl ;)

    So $1.25 each for dinner with a few cornchips and cheese

    Keeping a shopping list, buying as much of it as possible from Aldi, then the odd things from Woolies.

    Aldi need to have more checkout lanes open though, I appreciate Woolies self serve!

    I save over $2000 a week on my food bill by not buying fresh truffles.

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