Why We Reject Creative Ideas

Why We Reject Creative Ideas

Everyone considers creativity to be a valuable asset, but as research news site ScienceDaily points out, that doesn’t stop most of us from rejecting creative ideas. Why?

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The findings of two experiments conducted at the University of Pennsylvania explain:

  • Creative ideas are by definition novel, and novelty can trigger feelings of uncertainty that make most people uncomfortable.
  • People dismiss creative ideas in favour of ideas that are purely practical — tried and true.
  • Objective evidence shoring up the validity of a creative proposal does not motivate people to accept it.
  • Anti-creativity bias is so subtle that people are unaware of it, which can interfere with their ability to recognise a creative idea.

Obviously that doesn’t mean that every idea that makes you uncomfortable is simply a creative solution that you’re not comfortable with — bad ideas are still bad ideas — but you may want to think twice about why you’re not keen on a new idea.

Why We Crave Creativity but Reject Creative Ideas [ScienceDaily via Smarterware]

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