VMware Fusion 4 Redesigned For Lion, Lets You Virtualise Mac OS X

Mac: Virtualisation app VMware Fusion just got Lion-friendly. VMware Fusion 4 brings a "more Mac-like" experience when running Windows programs, adds performance boosts, and supports running Lion or Snow Leopard in a virtual machine, finally.

Just a few highlights from the 90 new and improved features sad to be added:

  • You can run Lion, Lion Server, Snow Leopard, Snow Leopard Server, and Leopard Server in virtual machines.
  • Add Windows programs to Launchpad, view in full screen, or in Mission Control
  • 3D graphics are delivered 2.5x faster than they were in VMware Fusion 3

VMware Fusion 4 is priced at a discounted $US49.99 instead of $US79.99 through the end of the year.

VMware Fusion 4 [via VMware Fusion Blog via Read Write Web]


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