Utilise Daily Objects As Improvised Weapons In Self Defence Situations

If you're unlucky enough to be in a situation where you must defend yourself from an attacker, you should consider which objects around you might make serviceable improvised weapons. Everyone knows about pool cues and beer bottles, but have you thought of using a cup of hot coffee or a metal pen as a potential weapon if your life is on the line?

Tactical blog ITS tactical notes that a piping hot cup of coffee makes an effective weapon for ending a confrontation.

I have responded to many calls for service with a steaming hot cup of coffee in my hand. Burns do a fantastic job of overloading the central nervous system, causing the person to fixate on their injury instead of what is going on around them. A hot liquid in the hand is a great example of an improvised weapon: it is not carried as a weapon, but is effective none the less.

Likewise a metal-bodied pen can be an effective weapon for striking soft points such as the face and neck of an attacker.

Even a rock used to hit the head of an attacker can end the confrontation.

Say you pick up a rock and swing it into the head of your attacker, attacking the central nervous system. Just like watching a good show on TV, the cable does not have to go out to mess up your viewing pleasure. All that is needed is a bad signal. So, you hit him over and over until the cable goes out. Since you are in the neighbourhood anyway, land a few shots to the collar bone, extending your attacks to the structural system. This can deanimate the entire arm.

Hopefully no one who reads this will ever be forced into a violent encounter, but if it does happen, knowing how to use items around you to aid your defence can be a deciding factor in aiding your continued survival. Be careful out there.

Improvised Weapons: Rethinking the Paradigm for Improvised Defense [ITS Tactical]


    Those cheese knives (the one in the picture with the holes) are wickedly sharp.

    The picture above shows a TV remote, a spatula and what looks like the glass from a magnifying glass.

    Confuse your target into submission by changing channels while he's watching TV. Ha!

    Or possibly get them to hold still while you burn them with the magnifying glass.

      Or skin them alive with potato peeler

    We're not allowed to carry pepper spray in Australia - keep a can of deodorant in your bag. When sprayed into someone's eyes, it does the same thing.


      Except WA.

      That deodorant idea is nasty. I'd rather be blasted with pepper spray.

    What's really sad, is that home invasions, and particularly for those most vulnerable, is on the rise, big time! What the hell is wrong with people these days! I just don't get it, seems like the ones doing this shit have absolutely no empathy. They are simply incapable of feeling the terror and pain they cause. They are quite simply sociopaths! #[

    Wait hang on, EVEN a rock can be a weapon? It was very probably the FIRST weapon!

    Scissors would make an ideal weapon though, you could do the three stooges eye poke and the hand in front of the face would be no defence!

      ... don't forget the 'over and over' and 'while you're in the nbeighbourhood' comments.

      I don't see the justice system responding favourably to this advice - a whack with a handy rock to stun your attacker so that you can escape is probably OK but the enthusiastic, repeated bludgeoning of said miscreant could be frowned upon.

    A jab to the ribs or face with a nice sized sharpie can give you an opportunity to run or a few quick punches

    Aerosol...Raid, or worse, the wife's deo, and a cigarette lighter close by for good measure.

    A desert spoon with the spoony bit snugly fitted into the palm of your hand makes a nice stabby thing, esp to the face/throat. Same goes with a nice pointy pencil

    almost always holding a pen in my pocket when walking alone at night

    Try a Falcon Punch.

    Simple & effective (use it myself...tg only needed to once)

    Grab an oversize padlock key & throw it on a keyring, hook this keyring onto yet another & loop this keyring onto your car/house keyring.

    Presto you have a concealed spiked knuckle duster :-)

    Self def only......i do a LOT of nite walking (i'm a chef).....over sized key can even be ground to have a sharp edge, altho you get caught with that puppy in NSW & a diligent officer is gonna charge you for a concealed weapon.

    LOTS of keys avoids this & adds extra weight........not that you want to sound like santa & the team arriving when it's 3am & your walking through south sydney LOL

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