Use Clear Nail Polish To Keep Metal Cans From Rusting

Use Clear Nail Polish To Keep Metal Cans From Rusting

Shaving cream, cooking spray and other products in metal cans can often rust and leave marks on your counters. You can fix this with a dab of clear nail polish.

Photo by Stuart Conner.

Redditor russell_m explains:

Paint the bottom ring of your shaving cream cans with clear nail polish and they won’t leave rust rings in your bathroom.

This actually works on all sorts of things. I had a glass that was painted on the bottom and leaving marks on my wood table, and clear nail polish puts a nice layer of protection between them. Use Clear Nail Polish to Keep Metal Cans from Rusting [Reddit]


  • Most definitely going to try this out – I am so sick of seeing little burnt-red rings on my bathroom counter from my dear spouse’s stupid shaving cream cans!

  • This occurred to me randomly a few months ago and I tried it – it’s working on my partner’s shaving cream can (which lives in the shower) perfectly! Clear nail polish will also stop runs in stockings from getting worse (almost all stocking-wearing women know this already) and it sealed the crack between segments of my electric toothbrush that kept catching old toothpaste. A surprisingly handy thing to have around the house.

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