Identify Nail Polish, Paint Cans And More By Painting Stickers On Top

Identify Nail Polish, Paint Cans, and More By Painting Stickers On Top

When your bottles of nail polish are stored in their kit, it's cumbersome to take each out to see the colour. This also holds true for paint cans in the tool shed or the paint bottles for your art.

Instagram user laurennn_x had a brainwave and came up with a simple way to easily identify them:

I got sick of having to take out all my polishes before finding the one I wanted. So I painted a white sticker with the polish, cut it out and stuck it on the lid. Time saver!

The hack could also be replicated for paint cans or anything else similar. In fact, we would suggest you take it a step further and with the colour, write its name. This way, you can see it and read it, for better labelling and easier identification.

laurennn_x [Instagram]


    With paint tins, I just write the paint name ( as per the colour card at the hardware store) and the room that it was used in for my house on the lid with an artline texta There're enough dribbles down the side to identify the colour...

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