Cologne And Nail Polish Remover: Unexpected Household Cleaning Helpers

Novel house-cleaning substances we've talked about around here range from vodka to lighter fluid. Here's two more options to consider: cologne and nail polish remover.

Firstly, a note from reader Harsh on a technique for removing sharpie or texta marks from mirrors, whiteboards and metallic surfaces:

Whenever I use a sharpie on a mirror or metal surface and need to take it off, I use any old cologne, spray the marked area and wipe it with a piece of cloth. That should do the trick. Doesn't work on paper though!

Secondly, I'd like to give a big thumbs up to reader ZXY's suggestion of nail polish remover to remove sticky residue. I needed to get the remains of a sticker off the bottom of an IKEA Riklig teapot. and a splash of nail polish remover combined with a plastic household scourer did the job perfectly. Thanks Harsh and ZXY!


    Cologne contains alcohol, nail polish remover is acetone. Just don't use nail polish remover on plastics!

    I've also found eucalyptus oil great for removing sticky residue.

      Use a sock, then you'd avoid having to remove sticky residue in the first place!

    Methylated spirits is my liquid of choice for all of the above. It's cheap too.

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