Telstra Releases Android 2.2 Update For T-Touch Tab

One of the main complaints about Telstra's T-Touch Tab was that it runs the older Android 2.1 variant. While it's not quite getting it fully up-to-date, news that an official Android 2.2 upgrade for the device has been released is still welcome.

Instructions for the update (including stern warnings on the importance of backing up first, since all data is wiped from the device) are on Telstra's Exchange blog. Given how much the price has dropped since launch, it's good to see that the whole thing hasn't been written off as a cheap-so-it-doesn't matter option.

Android 2.2 now available for the Telstra T-Touch Tab [Telstra Exchange]


    2010 called. And before you ask, I did warn them about the impending disasters, so the 2010 of yesteryear should enjoy a trouble-free existence.

    Wow - among the most complicated upgrade instructions I've ever encountered.

    Oh god this is sad.

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