SwiftKey X Updates, Improves Speed And Special Character Switching

Android: SwiftKey X, one of our favourite Android keyboards released an update today that improves typing performance, makes it easier to switch to special characters and lets you see how SwiftKey X tracks and learns from your typing.

SwiftKey X already learns to personalise your type based on your posts to Twitter, Facebook and Gmail, but the new version lets you see how the app models, completes, and corrects your typing. The update also adds additional languages and localisations for international users, and lets you switch between your preferred language, special characters and an alternative language with a gesture.

SwiftKey X is available to download now. The update is free for current users; new users will have to spend $3.92 for the phone version and $4.90 for the tablet version.

[SwiftKey X]


    I have paid for the app. Would be great if they you could integrate some basic swype functionality.

    Lifehacker, how come you don't use Google Plus anymore?

    This is easily my favourite keyboard. Awesome stuff, and they keep improving it with each update, unlike some apps that just push out updates to look as though they're doing something.

    I've had my Samsung Galaxy for over 12 months, and this is the only app I have paid for.

    It's so good, after my one month trial ended, I couldn't go back to using anything else.

    This is the best keyboard on my X10 (Gingerbread) but doesn't work on my Transformer (Honeycomb).

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