Penzu Apps Let You Take Your Private Journal With You

iOS/Android: Private journal service Penzu has come a long way since we last discussed it. At its core, the service still gives you a private online diary that you can access anywhere, but today the service introduced new iOS and Android apps to give you access to your journal on the go.

Penzu just racked up 250,000 users, and they're celebrating with a pair of mobile apps that let you update your journal or look at old entries on the go. The apps are free to download, but they require that you have a $US19/year Penzu Pro account in order to use them.

Pro accounts also offer the ability to create and manage multiple Penzu blogs, post by email, the ability to customise your Penzu blogs with themes and templates, reminders and more. The mobile apps sync with your Penzu account, let you write and edit posts from your device, take photos and immediately upload them to Penzu and more. Penzu's core features — like the ability to create a private journal, share selectively and customise your entries — is still completely free.

Penzu is designed to be a private journal that feels like a blog. It's not the only service that does it, but it's certainly one of the most elegant. Have you tried Penzu, or do you use a web service for a private blog or personal diary? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Penzu Mobile [via Penzu]


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