Remember Your Dreams By Writing About Them Like Stories

If you want to remember your dreams, a dream journal is the way to go. However, if you have trouble recounting your dreams as you’re writing, try writing in present tense, like it’s a story that’s happening to you right now.

Just Open & Type Is A Fast, Minimal Notes And Journaling App

iOS: There is no shortage of apps for writing down your thoughts, but many writing and note-taking apps suffer from feature bloat that impedes the actual writing. Just Open & Type forgoes the unnecessary stuff and lives up to its name.

Three Tips To Help You Cut Down On Magazine Clutter

If you still enjoy reading non-digital magazines, you probably know they can become a clutter nuisance if left unattended. The beautiful photos, glossy pages and book-like form makes it easier to get attached to them. These tips will help you prune your collection, while saving the stuff you love.