How Alcohol Affects Your Decision-Making Process

How Alcohol Affects Your Decision-Making Process

A night of heavy drinking can lead to a morning of heavy excuses. One common favorite? “It was the booze.” But health blog the Body Odd points out a new study suggests that you’re actually quite aware of your alcohol-infused decisions, so booze might not be able to legitimately take the blame anymore.

Dr Bruce Bartholow, the study’s author, said: “It’s not as though people do drunken things because they’re not aware of their behaviour, but rather they seem to be less bothered by the implications or consequences of their behaviour than they normally would be.” Basically, if you’re drunk, you’ll still be aware of your mistakes but you just won’t care. The question of whether or not you can actually motivate yourself to care about the consequences is still up in the air, but hopefully this research will lead to an answer. For now, drinking a little too much is essentially creating a version of you who will be more than happy to make stupid choices. So, as always, drink safely.

For more on the many effects of drinking, check out What Alcohol Actually Does to Your Brain and Body.

Blame it on the alcohol? Maybe not, study suggests [The Body Odd on MSNBC]


  • I’ve always been of this mind.

    Personally, I seem (compared to some of my drinking buddies) to be a much more conscientious drunk. Maybe I’m more concerned about consequences than others? Or maybe it’s that the others make a conscious choice to use Alcohol as the excuse for doing things they wouldn’t normally?

    • I’m the same way Jess. I end up a euphoric but still very capable of catching myself before I do something stupid.

      Meanwhile, Whitson Gordon (in the photo) has managed to pass out, presumably drunk, after NOT having opened that bottle of wine.

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