Hand-Wash Dishes More Efficiently With A Dish-Draining Closet

Dish Draining Closets are a Finnish invention that combines a dish drying rack and a cabinet. If you regularly hand-wash dishes you might find that using one cuts out a significant amount of work as you just put the wet dishes in the closet.

Inventor Maiju Gebhard calculated in the 1940s that the average household spent almost 30,000 hours washing and drying dishes throughout their lifetime. Now we have both automatic dishwashersl but many still wash dishes by hand and might be able to take advantage of this concept by building a closet with an old kitchen cabinet and a few wire racks.

Most People Outside Finland Don't Know about Dish Draining Closet [Reddit]


    Wouldn't the wood rot?

      Probably not, but anything that is under the item that is draining will get water stains! That includes the taps, the oven wear and anything that is under the cabinet! Would be better if you could just put the shelves without cabinet and over the sink, if possible, otherwise, not liking it! #}

        Seems a bad place to keep your rice/slow cooker then... (in picture)

      As wikipedia says: "The cabinets have an open bottom that allows for the water to drain directly into the sink below."

        Obviously it has no base, but that cabinet is not over the sink!

    So all gawker 'journalists' do is browse sites like reddit to repost articles all day?

      my exact thought - gawker should be citing their sources as well

      Yep, tough gig.

    Could they make them more attractive looking? Or even a sliding door to hide it so that it doesn't look a little tackey.

      There's a cupboard door in the photo, you muppet.

      Also, most of the water has drained by the time you've finished washing-up. It's just the occasional drip after that. This is standard in Spain.

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