Your Census Collector May Not Be Back Until August 28

Your Census Collector May Not Be Back Until August 28

If you filled out your 2011 census form online, your part is already done. If you went with the traditional paper format and are waiting around for the collector to return for it, don’t hold your breath: the official collection period runs until August 28.

If you didn’t get around to doing the census form last night, in practice you can still fill out the form online — you just need to make sure that it accurately reflects your household on Tuesday August 9. Check out our online census guide for further tips.


  • Yep, your census collector will love you if you fill in your census online- you can still do so, even if you got a paper form.

    Got 175 texts this morning informing that people had done the e-census. The poor little phone just about had a melt down.

    And the badges expire sometime in September, just in case people are particularly difficult to get a hold of.

  • This is nonsense. If the forms are still outstanding at the end of the month it won’t have anything to do with the collector. If they have to return again and again to collect it, as they are bound to do, then it will be because the householder has not made it available for collection. This is very poor reporting.

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