Use Post-It Flags For Bookmarks That Show Exactly Where You Stopped Reading

If you need to mark your place in an actual, physical book, any old piece of paper will do: a business card, a boarding pass, a napkin. However, for a more efficient solution, reader Simon suggests using Post-It Flags to keep track of where you are.

Here's Simon's explanation in his own words:

I've always had the issue of not having a bookmark and having to fold the page over, and upon finally getting a bookmark it often gets lost very quickly, and I'm back to damaging my books. Thanks to these small post-it stick notes/flags, I have no longer had any problems; they are simply the best bookmarks. Firstly, they're cheap which is a bonus, making it no issue if they get lost. Secondly, they're sticky, so they don't get lost so easily. Thirdly, they're light; and fourthly, you can stick it to the exact part where you stopped reading so that you can carry on reading from where you left off. It's really useful and a great 'life hack'!

A pack of Post-It Flags will only set you back $5 or so, and you can use the spares to mark charged batteries. Thanks Simon!


    Angus, is there a chance that if you use this method and forget, or leave the book for a while,.. months even, that the sticky stuff might discolour the page? I'd say sticky tags like this are made by a variety of makers, so not all tags are equal! Just thinking out loud! #]

    And an envelope or business card or nearly any other scrap of paper, even a freakin' leaf, is free so by what measure is a $5 pack of these things more efficient? You want the best method...memorise the page number. It's free, there's no chance of damage to the book or of the book mark falling out and it's good brain training

    EckyThump, I believe the dudes who invented post it notes invented the post it note sticky ness to deal with the concerns that you raise.

      Yes I realise that the stickyness doesn't come off, I'm wondering about the long term effect on paper, Plus even though the guy who invented it probably has a patent, I'm pretty sure there are different companies making them, It's not like it's that big a deal either, I'm just curious is all!

    L2Bookmark. If you're up to a particular line, use the bookmark to underline it so next time you open the book you know where you are.

    I've been using my old metcards as bookmarks for ages -- I find them just the right size and thickness :)

    this post's title should have been

    "Simon Says: Use Post-It Flags For Bookmarks That Show Exactly Where You Stopped Reading"

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