Get The Old Chrome Bookmark Manager Back

Get the Old Chrome Bookmark Manager Back

The newest version of Chrome features a fancy new bookmark manager and interface that's all about thumbnails. If you're not a fan of that snazz, Techdows points to a flag you can switch to get the old interface back.

Getting the old interface back is easy:

  1. Head to chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment
  2. Change the setting to "Disabled" and click "Relaunch Now"

That's it; when Chrome reopens, you'll be back to the old view.

Chrome 42: How to get the old Bookmarking Interface and Manager back? [Techdows]


    This new bookmark thing rules!
    Its so nice and organized, I was using 'Bookmark manager' as an extension before to do what this does. Would never want to go back from this.

    I opened up chrome the other day,
    loaded my bookmarks
    closed chrome
    opened IE due to simplicity

    Thanks for this, that bookmark 'update' single handedly killed my chrome experience

    Thanks, have disabled this. Suits me better making it easier to pick my own folder.
    I also find the Neater Bookmarks extension works well for me.

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