Get The Old Chrome Bookmark Manager Back

Get The Old Chrome Bookmark Manager Back

The newest version of Chrome features a fancy new bookmark manager and interface that’s all about thumbnails. If you’re not a fan of that snazz, Techdows points to a flag you can switch to get the old interface back.

Getting the old interface back is easy:

  1. Head to chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment
  2. Change the setting to “Disabled” and click “Relaunch Now”

That’s it; when Chrome reopens, you’ll be back to the old view.

Chrome 42: How to get the old Bookmarking Interface and Manager back? [Techdows]


  • This new bookmark thing rules!
    Its so nice and organized, I was using ‘Bookmark manager’ as an extension before to do what this does. Would never want to go back from this.

  • I opened up chrome the other day,
    loaded my bookmarks
    closed chrome
    opened IE due to simplicity

    Thanks for this, that bookmark ‘update’ single handedly killed my chrome experience

  • Thanks, have disabled this. Suits me better making it easier to pick my own folder.
    I also find the Neater Bookmarks extension works well for me.

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