Quickly Look Up The Definition Of Any Word In Google Docs

When you're in Google Docs and want to check the definition of a word, all you need to do is type the word (or select an existing one) and perform a quick keyboard shortcut. For Windows users, that shortcut is Control+Shift+Y. For Mac users, it's Command+Shift+Y.

That'll bring up the definition and provide you with the ability to look up more words if you like. It's simple and can be a really useful tool when you're writing.

For a demonstration, check out the video above.


    On a Mac, Command+Shift+Y didn't do anything for me without selecting the word in Google. When I select the word however, the word is pasted into a Stickie in the Stickies app.


    Download the chorme definition extention and all you need to do is double click on the word and a definition pops up

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