Protect Your Camera From Gravity-Related Breakage With Sugru

DIY website Instructables shows us how to add sugru to the edges of your camera to protect it from breaking when you drop it.

Sugru is a great little product for DIY projects and repairs, and this is yet another clever use: mould some sugru to surround your camera's more fragile points — like around the edges and around the lens — and it will be drop-proof. It might make your camera look a bit silly, but as projectsugru says over at Instructables, it's perfect for younger kids that want to take pictures (but are more likely to drop their camera). Plus, of course, you could always do something similar without the silly colours and shapes. Hit the link to see more.

Awesome Bouncy Kids Camera Made with Sugru [Instructables]


    Awesome! I've been trying to remember the name of this stuff for a freaking year for exactly this reason. Googling stuff like "shock absorbent polymer" gives me useless results so i was at a loss.

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