Make Any GorillaPod Magnetic

Make Any GorillaPod Magnetic with $US5 in Materials

Joby's GorillaPod, the tripod that goes anywhere, is a nifty accessory to stabilise your camera. You can even make your own for cheap. You can also attach magnets to it so it can stick to metallic surfaces.

There's a GorillaPod Magnetic already, but that one only works for point-and-shoot cameras or mini-camcorders. With a max weight of 325g, you can't put your DSLR or heavier bridge cameras on it. For that, you need something like the GorillaPod Hybrid or SLR-Zoom.

Instructables user tinstructable has a neat guide on how to make such heavy-camera GorillaPods magnetic. All you need are neodymium magnets, epoxy, and Sugru or DIY Oogoo. You'll basically be drilling the legs of the GorillaPod, fitting magnets at the base, and covering it up with Sugru so the magnets don't scratch surfaces. Check out the step-by-step instructions at the link below.

Magnetic GorillaPod [Instructables via PetaPixel]


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