Polish Wood Furniture With Stale Beer For Extra Sheen

If you've ever spilled a beer on a wooden coffee table, you might have noticed it left a desirable, shiny look after you cleaned it up. According to DIY home repair site Networx, that's because it's a great polish for wood furniture.

Photo by Pete.

The only catch is they recommend using flat beer, but if you've left a little in the bottle the night before, you can use it to spruce up your favourite furniture by applying it with a soft cloth. If you're the type to try to use beer to solve everything, check out the full post for 13 more tips, including using it as insulation, fertiliser and more.

14 Uses for Beer Around the House [Networx via Re-Nest]


    Yeah, I might be a bit fussy here, but wouldn't that leave a foul stale beer smell? #{

      I'm pretty sure you mean 'delicious stale beer smell'.

        Would also add grip to your once slippery table. Oh nightclubs, how you sti(c/n)k to me so...

    14 tips on using beer around the home, and not one of them was "Drink it"?

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