Use A Bottle Cutting Jig To Turn Beer And Wine Bottles Into Usable Glasses

If you’ve ever finished a bottle of beer or wine and wished you could reuse the bottle as a vase or drinking glass, all you need is a bottle cutting jig, some sandpaper, and some patience. It takes some practice, but it beats throwing out a beautiful bottle because you can’t find a use for it.

Over at Make, Matt Richardson explains how to use a bottle cutting jig to create a clean, even cut along the neck of a bottle to turn it into a drinking glass, vase, or other open container. Then he uses a candle and ice to get a clean break where the jig scored the glass.

He also walks through the process of polishing the edges of the class by sanding out rough edges and using silicone carbide to polish the edges of the glass for a smooth, comfortable finish. The hardest part of this particular DIY project may be finding or making a bottle cutting jig. Once you have one though, you may never throw out a good looking beer or wine bottle again.

How To: Bottle Cutting [Make]

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