Photovine Lets You Publicly Share Photos Based On Specific Topics

iOS: Photovine is a free app that lets you pick a topic (called a "vine") that interests you, such as "Smiling With Your Mouth Closed" or "Cute Dogs", and add a relevant photo. It provides a new and interesting way to publicly share your photos with others in the large community that is the internet.

Photovine comes from Google, but you'd never know it by using it. It doesn't even use Google accounts for authentication, is currently only available for iOS, and has no Google branding anywhere. It works with pretty much any iDevice that has a camera and is both cost- and ad-free. You have to sign up for an account to use it, but you can do that from the app and it only takes a few seconds. Once you're in, Photovine will teach you how to use it and get you contributing new photos and starting your own photo threads/vines in a few minutes.

The app isn't something practical yet, as you can really only view and find photos related to a given topic on your iPhone, but presumably Photovine will expand to the web and other mobile devices and actually be a really useful source for interesting digital photographs. In the meantime, it's pretty fun (and free, so go check it out).

Photovine [iTunes App Store via Mashable


    I really don't understand why Google lets this come out on iOS before Android. Android is their flagship platform and they should be ramming it home that owning Android means you get Google apps (and updates) before every other platform. Even if it is a Google subsidiary company at fault (which I suspect is the case), Google should kick their collective heads in.

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