Organise Your Makeup By Hanging It On A DIY Magnetic Board

Organise Your Makeup By Hanging It On A DIY Magnetic Board

Makeup containers have a way of multiplying and spreading over counters. This clever DIY magnetic board from the Laura Thoughts blog puts all your makeup where you can see it and frames it, a little like artwork.The project involves prettying up an old frame and having some metal cut to fit inside, then hot-gluing magnets from a discount store to the backs of the makeup containers. For holding brushes and liners, use extra strong magnets and some small containers (like pill containers painted dark).

It’s a colourful way to clear your makeup clutter, though you could probably also apply this concept to similar projects like hot-gluing magnets to the back of small paperclip containers or whatnot for an office organiser too. Full instructions and photos in the link below.

Make-up Magnet Board [Laura Thoughts via Curbly]


  • That would make my girlfriend very suspicions I think if I had all my makeup out in the open like that. I normally hide it in the hidden compartment under my draws, only bringing it out when she’s not home…….

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