Turn Tic Tac Boxes Into Fridge Magnets With Storage

The humble Tic Tac box keeps on giving long after you've finished the mints. Its shape and size make it perfect for repurposing it into a tiny storage box that hangs on your fridge.

Instructables user monica.bansal shows us just how simple it is to make these. You'll need some chalkboard labels, adhesive magnetic strips and an empty Tic Tac box. Scrub the labels off the box, and stick the chalkboard label on the front and the adhesive magnetic strip on the back. Just like that, you have a magnetic Tic Tac box to stick to your fridge.

Tic Tac boxes are excellent containers for storing spices, as well as other kitchen ingredients you might use regularly. If you want to leave the kitchen, try using it to store pins, paper clips or other small office supplies. The chalkboard labels also let you change what the box holds without fussing over the labels again.

Tic Tac Fridge Magnet Storage Boxes [Instructables]


    Tic tac boxes would hardly be my first choice for storage of any kind unless you've really got a lot of tiny fiddly things around the house. The boxes are really too tiny to hold much right? In any case, go you for finding out an interesting way to repurpose some every day things!

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