Optus Sets Pricing For New BlackBerry Torch And Bold Models

Having confirmed last month that it would be the first local telco selling the Torch 9860 and Bold 9900, Optus has now released pricing details for the new BlackBerry models.

Assuming you don't want to pay additional handset charges, you'll be looking at a minimum of $49 a month for the new Torch model, and $79 a month for the Bold 9900 (both over a 24-month contract). Both models go on sale September 1, though you can pre-order online. Optus has also begun selling the older Curve 3G 9300 model as an outright prepaid handset for $249.



    So it's the battle btw iphone 5 or BB 9900...
    Seriously I would get BB to use as a real phone for work, and an ipod/ipad for recreational use :)

    The torch looks nice.. but I can't help but think is there is an annoying BB keyboard under there via a sliding top mechanism. hehe :)

    New bold should nice and fast. Would love to go road test one in a store first as I've only just got a 9780 but its a tad slow.

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