Extends Contest Model Across Design Categories

Back in June, added a contest option for logo design. While crowdsourcing design remains controversial (especially if our reader comments are any guide), the option has proved popular and Freelancer is now offering across its 18 design categories.

Under the contest model, you create a design brief and pay a fixed fee to list it. Any designer who wants to can accept the brief; you pay the prize fee to the design you like best, and the same fee again if you want to use more than one. Pricing varies by category and depending on the turnaround you want (you can see some indications in the picture), but there's a "generic" category starting from $100.


    I hate this sort of work of hire. Honestly, only people who know what they want make this worth while, and they usually stray away from this sort of model (And thats for both the designers and the clients).

    Communication can make and break the work, its not the websites fault, its the client and the designer. It only takes one person to make the work twice as hard as it needs to be.

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