What Qualifies As Getting Up Early?

Different people have different sleep cycles, but getting started in the morning remains a challenge for many of us. But just what waking-up time falls clearly into the "early riser" category?

Our sibling site BellaSugar chatted yesterday to recently crowned Miss Universe Australia Scherri-Lee Biggs, who views anything ahead of 8am as an early start:

I'm an early riser, even if I've had little sleep, I'm always up by 8am so I exercise in the morning as this is when I have the most energy.

I appreciate that Ms Biggs is talking specifically about what happens after a late night, but I still have trouble adjusting to the idea of 8am as "rising early". In my head, that would have to be some time before 6am — I normally get up at 5:30am, but that does qualify as early for most people. What's your take?

We Chat to Miss Universe Australia 2011 Scherri-Lee Biggs! [BellaSugar]


    I start work at 8am, and get up some time before 7am in order to rush out the door and catch the train.

    For me, anyone who gets up before that point is an early riser while I just wake up as late as I can manage, which is still far too early.

    I wish I woke up as late as 8am!
    As you mention early is different for different people but I strugle to see waking up at 8 being an early riser. However, I also know people that don't wake up until after 10am. So to them that would be.
    For myself I get up at 6am to make my way to work. And unfortunaetly due to sleep cycles that means I will also wake up around that time on weekends.
    I think anytime before 7am is an early riser.
    7:30 at the outside.

    My husband gets up at 4.30am to start work by 6.30am. He brings me a coffee at 5.30 just before he leaves.
    By 8.00am I have showered, had breakfast, done a load of washing, cleaned up last night's dishes, read my RSS feeds(including Lifehacker)and emails, visited Facebook & Google+ and read the news.
    Have to admit though that we are in bed by 9.30pm on weeknights.

    8am is most definitely not "early riser"..

    I would say anything before 6:30 am is early for me.. I think the whole point of "early riser" is that you are up way before the sun rises..

    You're only an early riser if you're up before the sun. Normal natural waking time should be as the sun rises.

      +1 I agree with this :)

      Rational and sensible.

    On weekdays where I start work at 9am, I usually leave home at the last minute at 8.10am. For that I wake up at 7.30am, just to leave on time. Anything before 7am is early

    But for weekends, where I can easily sleep til noon, my definition of 'early' is before 10am, 'just right as around 10am, and 'late' as noon.

    Back in my university days we had to get up at 5:30, because the shops closed at 6.

    I have a colleagues that comes in at 4:30 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon, his day ends at 6:00 pm when he hits the sack, he is not very social, that explains this lifestyle.

    I would class getting up before 7am as rising early. Especially if you also do it on the weekends! Currently, to get in running in the morning, I usually wake up about 6:30ish, nearly every day of the week (although on weekends I try to go back to sleep, not usually successfully...)

      I start work at 4am as Lifehacker's night editor. On nights that I stay up partying, I don't even bother going to sleep.

        Wow, you so hardcore.... flips fringe...

    Even though I get up at 6.20am, I don't usually leave until 7:40am so I would not call myself an early riser. If someone leaves for the day no later than 7:00am, I would say they were an early riser.

    Of all the reasons to post a pc of a scantily clad girl...... Has my seal of approval. Who needs a reason?

    On topic; I'm up at 6am most days. Wish I could have the luxury of calling 8am early.

    Anything before 0900 is early. Working hours: 1430 to 2300, Wednesday to Sunday. Nursing...

    Considering what Ms Biggs probably has to do with her day, I would say 8am is exceptionally early...

    For me 6am is early, 6:15 is late.

    My opinion - anything before 6:30 is early. Between 6:30 and 7:30 is normal. Anything after 7:30 is a luxury.

    I usually wake up between 6:30 and 7:30 on weekdays and between 5:30 and 6:30 on Saturdays to go cycling. Sunday is a late sleep in until 8.

    For me, anything after 8am is a sleep in - I have kids.

    Anything before 8am is early, and anything before 7am is unreasonable - I'm also a heavy sleeper.

    If Ms Scherri-Lee Biggs was in my bed, I'd be up all the time :-)

    don't ask me - it's 2pm and i'm just getting out of bed now

    0530 weekdays and 0700 weekends , unless I had a big one night before , then its 0900.

    I wish I could sleep till 7 or 8 on a weekday

    Also I blame the early rising and ability to shower shave dress and be out the door in 10 min flat, on the military up bringing

    Early riser = someone who is up before they need to be up....

    Early waking can be a sign of depression.

    Agreed Simon, I would have no problem rising early at all.

    waking up early is 2pm.

    i currently work 12 hours graveyard shift 6pm - 6am. 6 days a week!

    4 months of having zero social life is definitely balanced by the extra moolah.

    prior to that i've had shifts starting at 4.30am so 3.30am was my usual wake up time.

    Last semester I had uni at about 8AM most days, so leaving the house at 6:45AM to catch the train became the norm. As well as getting to work at 7:30AM on the weekends.

    But now that I'm on uni break, coupled with the late nights. Getting up early is considered any time before 11AM.

    Some nights I'm not sleeping or sleeping incredibly late, so I normally wake up at 2:30PM now :S

    Wrecking havoc with my plans to exercise.

    Weekdays is 5.15am for me. It's early, but you get used to it. I need to be at work by 6am, so I don't really have another option.

    I have to get up at 4:45 - 5am to start uni at 8 most days during the semester. I normally get up, eat breakfast, have a shower, do hair to be somewhat presentable, little bit of makeup if my skin is bad that day, finish packing anything I could not pack the day before. I would be able to get ready quicker if i was the only one getting ready at that time. I leave home at 5:40ish (30 minutes to the station) and catch a 6.20 train.

    During the holidays I normally wake up at around 7.30 I do not have the ability to sleep in.

    No comment, just popped in to check out Ms Biggs.

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