Vodafone Data Packs Make New Zealand Roaming Slightly Cheaper

Australia and New Zealand co-operate economically in many areas, but when it comes to mobile roaming, the tale is one of painful rip-offs, especially when it comes to data. Vodafone has a new set of roaming bundles to make data accessible when visiting NZ, but "cheaper" is definitely a relative term in this context.

The Vodafone bundles, which are only available to postpaid customers (either voice or broadband) and go on sale from today, come in four values: $25 for 100MB; $50 for 300MB; $100 for 1GB; or $200 for 2GB. They work as monthly subscriptions, which means if you're heading over for a single visit, you need to sign up and then cancel again when you return. And if you exceed the limits, you'll pay a nasty $2 per MB for the excess.

Overall, that's a better price than a promotional deal Vodafone ran last year, but still majorly expensive compared to Australian data rates. The issue of insanely high mobile rates was officially recognised in a government paper more than a year ago, but nothing much seems to be changing really.



    Compare with what Kiwis pay on a NZ-Voda Pay as you go (https://www.vodafone.co.nz/mobile-data/mobile-web/) and it is still trash. $A25 Vs $NZ10 [only 320%] for 100MB? I have profitably kept a NZ-Voda sim alive at $NZ20/year for about 6 years and I'm still miles ahead. I only go over every other year; call forward OZ-Mob to Internode VOIP line, CF that to NZ-Voda. Fairly small time zone difference. All I miss is incoming TXT. NZ-Voda let me tether my iPhone so I'm good for that as well.

    Vodafone let customers unlock their phones, I have a 2 degrees prepaid sim that I put in my phone, $20 for 1G if you stay in the major cities, much more expensive to go rural but still cheaper than the Vodafone offer.

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