Vodafone Reduces Roaming Rates For Aussies Hitting New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are close neighbours, but if you judged our relationship by what it costs to use a mobile phone to call from Auckland to Adelaide, you might assume we were at war. Vodafone has slightly improved the situation with new rates for Aussies visiting Kiwi shores.

Postpaid callers ringing back to Australia from New Zealand (and Singapore) will now be charged the standard local call rates and flagfall that apply within Australia, rather than overseas rates. Vodafone has also reduced its mobile data roaming rates for NZ visitors to $2 a megabyte, though that deal only runs until February 9 2011. And the discounts only apply to outbound calls — you'll still be charged $1 a minute to receive calls.

More fine print? Only postpaid plans are included. You have to opt in to Vodafone's Traveller service, or you'll be charged default (and higher) rates. If you're on an unlimited plan, calls from overseas won't work — you'll be charged at the cheaper Traveller rate if you opt in, but those calls will be an extra charge on your bill. And whether the data offer is worthwhile is up for debate: my own experience of using Vodafone for roaming mobile broadband overseas suggests you'd get better results by attaching your data packets to a passing seagull.



    The problem with NZ is that even buying a Prepaid SIM is pretty expensive!
    So this is probably an OK deal! Especially if you're not over there for a long time!
    Voda SIM's are something like $NZ30 with $0 credit included!
    Compare that to Voda's $2 SIM here...

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