Quickly Create New Folders In Windows 7

Windows 7: To create new folders in Windows, you have a few options: you could right-click, go to New, then click Folder, or you could mouse over to the “New Folder” button in the taskbar in Windows Explorer, but both are more time consuming that this simple shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+N.

Hit those keys together to quickly create a new folder on your desktop or in Windows Explorer. This is a new shortcut for Windows 7.

An alternate shortcut for users of previous Windows versions is right-click > W > F (similar to the right-click > W > T shortcut for quickly creating a new text document).

If you’re a keyboard ninja and have Windows 7, however, Ctrl+Shift+N may be (or become) one of your favourite keyboard shortcuts. (For Mac users, Command+Shift+N also creates new folders, in Finder. For all platforms, Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+N has a different result in Google Chrome: it opens a new browser window in incognito or private browsing mode.)

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