My Data Manager Monitors Your Android's Data Plan

Android: Ever needed to recharge earlier than expected because you've run out of data? Avoid this in the future by using My Data Manager, a free app that will alert you when you get close to your free data threshold.When installed it keeps track of your plan type (monthly or pay-as-you-go), amount of data included per month, and the 1st day of your billing cycle. You may also set your plan's roaming details. From then on it will log your use of mobile data, roaming mobile data, and Wi-Fi data used. You can set up notifications for each of the three categories when they hit a certain amount of data.

One small drawback - the app will not work if moved to an SD card. It only takes up 1.1MB of space, so this isn't a big deal for most users.

My Data Manager is a free app with ads displayed for Android 2.2 or better. You can also buy a pro version without ads for $3.92.

My Data Manager [Android market via AddictiveTips]


    3G Watchdog and APNDroid are a free alternative that keep a notification icon giving you an idea of how your travelling against your cap, and will shutdown your data if you get to your limit! This is a great addon, given the price of data if you go over! ($2 per mb for Virgin)

      I haven't used APNdroid, but can't speak highly enough of 3G Watchdog, especially when used in conjunction with Juice Defender.

    This is cool! I still can't believe that some people can actually go over their data quota.. stop watching YouTube movies and downloading apps when you are on a 3G!

    Can't we all just wait for a few hours to get back home on our desktop/notebook with WiFi before watching a YouTube movie? -__-'

      What an unbelievably ignorant post from someone from a blog called "Craving Tech". What's this week's article - "Making The Most Of Carrier Pigeons"?

    The problem with this app is that it isn't aware of the unmetered content on Telstra. For example, I've just watched a few minutes of mobile Foxtel and this app shows that the FOXTEL app has used over 12MB. That's probably true but it doesn't really matter since I don't get charged for that data.

    If they could update the app to exclude certain apps (or if it automatically knew which content is unmetered) it would be much more useful.

      The problem is, is that these apps don't function on an application level, they function on a phone level. They don't differentiate between what apps are sending or receiving data.

      Gus has already written an article on Telstra's own usage app ( - I'd use that if you're concerned regarding unmetered content.

      Having said that, given the choice of the two scenarios, I'd MUCH rather falsely think that I've used more data than I actually have, than fly blind without any idea regarding my usage.

    i wonder how accurate this is...i was looking for an app to keep track of my roam quota when overseas.

    I use 3G watchdog and think its great.

    I notice that there is often a discrepancy between it an Virgin (my provider), Virgin being higher at times.

    The moral being, if I get close to my 200Mb I turn off 3G wireless and monitor my usage on Virgin's site (even though I suspect that 3G watchdog is actually more accurate.

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