Last Week’s Top Ten Posts

Tax advice topped the charts, but you also wanted to find the best ISP, check out Google+ and debate tipping technique. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. What New Rules Do You Need To Know For Your 2011 Tax Return?
    Each year, there are new Australian taxation rules that can decrease (or occasionally increase) how much you owe the taxman when the financial year ends. Here are the big changes that may affect you in 2011 (and beyond).
  2. Tax Week 2011: Which Occupations Is The ATO Targeting This Year?
    Yes, June 30 is nearly here, so we’ll be running posts all week looking at how you can maximise your tax return and ensure you don’t get unnecessarily hassled by the Australian Tax Office. To kick off, which occupations will be getting special attention from the ATO in 2011?
  3. Updated Occupation Guides For 2011 Tax Deductions Available Now
    The occupation guides published by the Australian Taxation Office remain the most useful resource for ensuring you claim appropriate deductions (and don’t try and claim stuff you won’t get away with). The updated guides for the 2010-2011 financial year have just been published on the ATO site, so check here to see if your occupation is one of the 16 covered.
  4. Planhacker: Five Signs That An ISP Should Be Avoided
    There are a lot of potential choices when it comes to internet service providers (ISPs), and everyone has different needs. But there are some clear indicators that you might be better off looking elsewhere.
  5. How Road Worrier Tackles The Tricky Topic Of Tipping
    In some countries, tipping is a fact of life; in others, tips are only offered for truly exceptional service. How can you balance your own feelings on the matter with the need to work with the prevailing culture when you travel?
  6. How To Get Away With Sleeping At Work
    Lack of sleep is like being drunk on the job, which is probably more detrimental to your productivity than actually taking a quick nap break during your work hours. If you need to get away with sleeping on the job, here are a few ways to do it.
  7. This Is What It’s Like To Actually Use Google+, Google’s New Social Network
    Google recently announced its new Google+ social network, but didn’t really show us much of what it actually felt like to use. We got our hands on a few invites to show you how it looks, feels, and how you might use it.
  8. Gmail Rolls Out Its New, Minimal Look
    Gmail just rolled out, via preview themes, its new, minimal look. Keeping in line with the update to Google Calendar, the new interface brings a lighter and cleaner look to your Gmail inbox.
  9. How Do Office 365 And Google Apps Compare On Price?
    Microsoft officially rolled out its new Office 365 business suite earlier today. How does its pricing compare with its most visible rival, Google Apps?
  10. How To Really Save Money During The July Toy Sales
    July is the month when major chain store retailers hold their annual toy sales, hoping to convince parents they will save a fortune by doing their Christmas shopping almost six months in advance. Just how much can you really save with this strategy?


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