Gmail Rolls Out Its New, Minimal Look

Gmail just rolled out, via preview themes, its new, minimal look. Keeping in line with the update to Google Calendar, the new interface brings a lighter and cleaner look to your Gmail inbox. It's not the default just yet, so to turn it on:

  1. Go to your Themes tab in Gmail
  2. Click one of the Preview theme links
  3. That's all

Gmail's the preferred email client of most of Lifehacker's readership, so a redesign of this magnitude is pretty significant. Give it a try on your account and let's hear how you like it in the comments.

A preview of Gmail's new look [Official Gmail Blog]


    whoa...this is different...weird. but I like it :)

    messes with my multiple inboxes... :/ but it's pretty!

    Meh, its not ugly, but its not great either.

    is it really buggy for anyone else? like serious lag when scrolling up and down the inbox, everything else seems to work fine...maybe its just chrome canary is just acting up.

    I quite like new theme - though for me the 'Dense' options is still not quite 'dense' enough - I have a rather large list of labels, and even with the auto hide lab and nested labels the list is huge amount longer now.

    Far too bright for me... it's like starting at a lightbulb. I prefer the darker themes, hopefully this comes out with a dark version soon.

    That bright red compose button is the only part I don't like. Far too bold and prominent.

    Everything else about new design is great.

    The static frames take up way more real estate...

    Really like it. Google finally doing something about their ugly interfaces.

    It takes too much space, fits not much on-screen at once. I only tried the dense option, it's no good. Looks pretty, I guess...

    so buggy. whenever i scroll down the ads mess up text in my emails.

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