Tax Week 2011: Which Occupations Is The ATO Targeting This Year?

Tax Week 2011: Which Occupations Is The ATO Targeting This Year?

Yes, June 30 is nearly here, so we’ll be running posts all week looking at how you can maximise your tax return and ensure you don’t get unnecessarily hassled by the Australian Tax Office. To kick off, which occupations will be getting special attention from the ATO in 2011?

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Each year, the ATO identifies specific occupations where it pays particular attention to claims for deductions and seeks to ensure that those people don’t try and claim deductions which they aren’t entitled to. This year, the careers which are getting specific attention are real estate workers, flight attendants, carpenters and joiners and earthmovers.

If you work in one of those areas, don’t be surprised if you receive a letter from the ATO outlining the acceptable categories for deductions. Getting the letter doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong: it’s just a reminder to make sure you only claim acceptable deductions. For each of those categories, the ATO has specific occupation guides outlining what’s acceptable (and what isn’t).

Another area of focus this year will be people who make a living from eBay. Anyone who sells more than $20,000 worth of goods on eBay will automatically have their details forwarded to the ATO — so don’t assume you can keep that income “under the counter”. ATO


  • This is part of why Being a flight attendant is great – Not only can we claim dry cleaning and some clothing and shoe expenses, but we also claim Internet access, computers, Luggage, Phone expenses, moisturisers, Stationery, Sunglasses, sunscreens and the like.

    Though, on the downside for the women, they can no longer claim makeup, by the look of it, and for us blokes, we can’t claim barber visits and the like, nor can we claim watches anymore. Oddly, we can’t claim travel insurance either, but then again, the employer usually has something covering that.

  • Heh, I’m a software developer and I just received my letter from last year. Probably because I claimed a bit more than I should have, but that’s just because my last employer screwed me on tax so I had to.

    • I’m a generic IT worker and just got one of them as well, for claiming about $50 over the ‘no-questions-asked’ threshold. I guess they’re still unhappy with how people are claiming IT expenses.

  • haha, about time all the Real Estate people had a fine toothcomb applied… a few stickers on your Audi TT and suddenly you can claim it as a “marketing expense”… please, lol

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