Internode Tweaks Broadband Plans

Internode Tweaks Broadband Plans

Having trimmed back its main range of broadband plans in February, Internode is now further tweaking its offerings. The big changes? $10 of bundled voice credit with all of its Easy Naked plans and a trimming back of the options on the Easy Reach plan (which essentially resells Telstra network access).

The 200GB Easy Reach plan has been dumped in favour of a 250GB option, a decision Internode says reflects the costs of supplying the product. The mid-tier options on Easy Broadband and Easy Bundle packages have added an extra 50GB, and downgrade fees have been removed from a handful of plans.

Adding the extra voice credit to the Naked plans is a good move; even if you’re entirely reliant on your mobile, that gives you enough for occasional use of your landline.



    • Though to be fair, it won’t matter too much when Telstra deploys fibre in my exchange area South Brisbane, reforms the monopoly empire and bends us over anyway.

    • I’m on the same plan. $59.95 for 150GB replaced by only 30GB and some stupid VOIP I won’t use?

      You don’t HAVE to change right? They won’t FORCE you onto the shittier plan will they? New customers just can’t sign up for the better plan yeah?

      • You get on a Grandfathered plan. But it means if you wish to change the $$$s you spend per month or increase/decrease allowance, you can only move to new plans.

        This is the second time in a year Internode has changed the availible plans and my grandfathered plan is way better than the new plan at the same price point.

  • Looks like I’ll be paying more under the new plan 🙁

    The new 200Gb ‘Easy Naked’ plan costs $20 (pcm) more than the old 150Gb plan. I’ll be pushing it to use 100Gb!

    …if they ever manage to get me connected, that is!

    • Oh goody (for me, at least)! Once I’m connected, I get to keep the 150GB Easy Naked Small plan (and price).

      I’m not sure that the new plans are an improvement at our projected rate of usage (and others seem to be feeling the same way) – & I’ll be adding the ‘stupid VOIP’ too :-))

  • So Easy Reach 5Gb, from $50 –> $60, 60Gb goes from $60 –> $70 ?


    No middle ground? My parents use probably 6-7Gb, and they’ve still got the 60Gb plan from when I lived there. Internode’s service is good, they just need a lot better pricing on low usage plans.

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