Best ISP Winner: Lifehacker 2010 Awards

The vote for best ISP was closely fought, and it's probably no surprise that the two prime contenders have names beginning with I. Who got the Lifehacker reader vote?

Readers' Choice: Internode

Internode most frequently receives praise for its customer service, and I can testify from my own experience that its support services are exceptional. That makes its customers exceptionally loyal, but that doesn't mean that the Adelaide-based ISP rested on its laurels in 2010. Innovations during the year included offering NBN deals, introducing the MiFi, introducing terabyte plans and most recently boosting the data quotas on both its home and mobile broadband plans.

Editor's Choice: iiNet

A close-run second in the readers' choice category, iiNet's 2010 was marked by a large number of new products, including the first full rollout of IPTV service FetchTV and leading the market-wide charge towards terabyte plans. It acquired a large chunk of AAPT, offered NBN deals in Tasmania, and even made calls to mental health support services free. And while all that was going on, it won in its long-running piracy trial — good news for ISPs everywhere.

Thanks yet again to everyone who voted. Voting is still open in the mobile broadband category, which we'll announce tomorrow.


    Im sure TPG came a very close 2nd or 3rd in both those categories. Their ADSL2+ unlimited plan is unbeatable in terms of value.

    And while probably not well known enough to be voted for. Let me add as a top rate ISP

    Would have to agree with you Jason, TPG's ADSL2+ unlimited plan is great value and I've never had any issues with TPG and been with them for well over 4-5 years now.

    I was taken in by the BOB HYPE too and made the decision to change to iiNet, but after 6 weeks and speaking to 9 different people, my internet was still not up and running. No real explanation given. Both AAPT and iiNet passing the blame for some kind of prob with my line. I had 2 middle managers give their promise to personally fix it. Still got nowhere. I cancelled the application in the end.

    So I genuinely can't understand iiNet winning anything.

    disenchanted and disappointed

      You can't write them off based on one persons experience. The Bob product is sub par, I have a Billion router for ADSL and Voip with an iiNet connection and could net be happier.

    long time Internode customer, but now I rate their service as - FAIL.

    Currently trying to relocate the ADSL service to a new premises. Has taken 4 phone calls - total time on hold before speaking to an operator around 2 HOURS 45 MINUTES - and one of those calls ended with them closing for the night.

    Tried submitting an email request, took at least 2-3 DAYS for them to respond to each of my 3 emails.

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