Google Introduces Its Official URL Shortener,

For quite a while, Google has been using its own shortener to compress long links. No more; as of today, the big G is using a different shortener,, for its own link-shortening needs.

The goal behind is not to provide another URL shortener for you to create short links. Instead, it's a service that only Google can use to shorten links to its pages. That way, when you see a link, you know that it's coming from a trusted source and you can click on it.

For your own links, you can still use Just remember that when you see a link around the internet, it's coming straight from Google and is safe to click on.

Official Google Blog


    No link is ever safe if you don't know where it is sending you. Dare you click on this one?
    It could be a link to a virus ridden site, a shock site, or just a very bad twitter account.

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