URL Shortener Is Now Seriously Keyboard Friendly

Google has made a number of tweaks to its URL shortening service. The one that really grabs me? It now makes it possible to get a URL straight onto the clipboard without stuffing around.

Once has shortened a URL, it now automatically highlights the shortened version of the link, meaning you can hit Control-C and copy it directly to the clipboard. Since the site automatically places focus in the input field, it's a simple matter of Control-V, Enter, Control-C to get the job done (assuming the URL is already on the clipboard). A simple detail, but a great fix for shortcut junkies like me.

[via The Official Google Blog]


    I'm still waiting for the bookmarklet... is there one and I just don't know about it?

    I have one for but any links shortened with that service are blocked on Facebook... is fine tho.

    woah thats revolutionary

    Angus, I think you mean clipboard, not keyboard.

    within chrome this too works well

    I am trying to win an iphone 4 for the link on facebook but the email adress is not accessible I would like to know if i need to report this as a scam or spam

      Nothing to do with us - I suspect the address might display as that but directs somewhere else. As a general rule, never trust any link that days "win an iPhone".

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