Give Your Resume An Edge By Making It More Modern

Give Your Resume An Edge By Making It More Modern

Modernising your resume may help you stand out above other job applicants and show off your tech-savviness and skills. This infographic offers tips on sprucing up a traditional resume as well as creating a digital one.

Besides advice like leveraging a digital resume’s strengths by including multimedia and hyperlinks to promote yourself uniquely, the infographic has nice tips of formatting. Using the Georgia typeface on your digital resume will be easier to read than Times New Roman. You’ll also want to adjust line spacing for easy readability.

Here’s the whole infographic (click to zoom or right-click to save):

Crafting the Perfect Modern Resume [Mashable]


  • I tried doing this stuff, and made a pretty cool stylised resume (if I do say so myself). But after sending it out a few times, I recieved requests for a ‘normal’ resume. And these are jobs where creativity and design are required! Makes it hard to stand out when everyone wants an Arial resume…

    • Yes. As welcome as these tips are, sometimes they do seem somewhat ahead of their time. In some positions, it can be disadvantages to ‘stick out like a sore thumb’, because the company is looking for something who will be able to fit in easily, without stirring too many things up.

      Out of curiosity, has anyone had positive experience with submitting a very unique resume?

  • How can we be expected to avoid cliches when the entire content of the ad was based on them? Basically, a job interview is two people lying to each other, the convincing you are, the more likely you are to get the job.

  • having worked in the recruitment industry for 16 years I have 2 observations to make; This CV will get the attention of the recruiter which is a good thing, they will then ask you to send in a normal one so it can be parsed into the system more effectively. Most recruiters will also create a common format for CVs before they sent to clients to make it easier for the client to compare like for like.

  • This had me up until it suggested both ‘flash resumes’ and ‘video resumes’.

    I can hardly think of anything that would create a worse impression to show off your ‘technical skills’ than a flash resume. It shows you’ve picked a completely inappropriate and overly complex tool for the job, even though it will cause annoyance and difficulty for the intended users.

  • I find it extremely hypocritical for someone to be giving advice about how to create a resume when it’s presented in the form of one long brain-fart of a graphic with formatting and layout jumping all over the place…

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