Clean Up Your Browser Bookmarks Bar By Getting Rid Of Site Titles

Your bookmarks bar can get awfully crowded. To make more room and pretty it up a bit, remove the site titles from the bookmarks so that just the distinct favicon appears. You'll get more room and a cleaner look.This won't work for sites that don't have a favicon or use the same icon as another site, and it also won't work for things like bookmarklets. For those sites that do fit the bill, however, just delete the title/name of the bookmark to get a much more streamlined browser bar. Thanks Chris!


    If you use "FF" then the "Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar" is very good,.. it allows:
    Show name on mouseover
    hide bookmark folder names
    hide bookmark name with no favicon and lots of other options. So you don't need to do all that work! It's just shame "Chrome" addon writers haven't written one yet, or at least I haven't found one, so if there is one, give me a shout. Thanks :]

    Goodness I'd love it if iPad browsers could do this.

    I use iCab and it doesn't show favicons (neither does Safari), does anyone know any iPad browsers that do show favicons?

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